Why You Should Be Proud To Be The Miranda In Your Group Of Friends

We should all be Miranda...

Why You Should Be Proud To Be The Miranda In Your Group Of Friends HBO

It’s the question that will ALWAYS come up amongst any group of friends: Which character from Sex And The City are you?

The topic recently came up around our office, but when Hit Network presenter, Cat, was told that she is Miranda, she didn’t take the news lightly.

“I may be Miranda, but you never want to be told by someone else all high and mighty that’s self appointed themselves as Carrie that’s you’re Miranda,” Cat explained.

“Essentially you’re calling me boring an unattractive”


But why? WHY do so many people take offence to being told they are a Miranda?

Amos, Cat's co-host on the Hit Network's Adelaide breakfast show, on the other hand, LOVES Miranda and was very passionated about the fact that she is the best character. 

“Miranda is real. Miranda is tough. Miranda is independent. She’s actually a legitimate character and you know, most women are Miranda or Charlotte and you don’t want to be a Charlotte, because Charlotte is submissive, is beige, she is just nothing.”

Miranda is a strong, independent woman and is probably the most relatable character on the show, like it or not, we are all Miranda's!




Amos Defends Miranda From Sex And The City