Five Christmas Movies To Watch If You're Sick Of The Same Old Classics

Number five is a must-watch!

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December is only days away which means it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit, and what better way to do that than to hit play on your inevitable Christmas movie marathon.

Now of course, there are the classic go-to festive films like Love Actually, The Grinch and Home Alone but have you considered branching out and watching a Christmas movie that’s a little less predictable?

I know that at around this time of year our favourite streaming services are inundated with new, cheesy (and often cringey) Christmas movies, so we’ve gone ahead and filtered out the cringe to find you five, top tier Chrissy films you have to watch this festive season.

Spirited (Apple TV) 

Because someone out there wants nothing more than to bring us joy over the festive season, we have been blessed with a Christmas movie featuring comedic genius’s Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. I mean, could we ask for a better collaboration? 

In true Ryan Reynolds style, Spirited throws an off-beat, comedic spin onto the classic ‘ghost of Christmas past’ trope. 

For centuries, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-To-Come have chosen one human soul every Christmas to offer redemption. Present (Ferrell) has been set to retire for decades but refuses, despite being told his own discretions from his previous life would be absolved.

He instead heads out to find another redeemable soul which is when he stumbles across cruel and highly controversial media consultant Clint (Reynolds) who Present’s bosses consider “unredeemable”.

Check out the trailer below…  

Silent Night (Stan)

If, like me, you aren’t adverse toa little bit of black comedy, you simply have to make time to watch this hilariously unique Christmas movie. 

Starring Kiera Knightly and Jojo Rabbit’s Roman Davis, Silent Night centres around a family who are hosting what looks to be a fairly routine Christmas dinner at their home for their close friends and family – except the world is due to end in a matter of hours and everyone is going to die. 

Check out the trailer below…

Single All The Way

If you’re craving something a little more wholesome, Single All The Way is an adorable rom-com that follows Peter, a Social Media Strategist living in New York City who was excited to finally bring a boyfriend home for Christmas before finding out his boyfriend actually has a wife. 

Instead of facing his family alone, he invites his best friend and roommate Nick to his family’s home in New Hampshire and asks him to pretend they are in a relationship. Before they can follow through on their plan, Peter’s Mum sets him up with her spinning instructor which stirs up some unexpected feelings in Nick.

Check out the trailer below…  

A Boy Called Christmas (Binge)

Looking for a bit of festive escapism? Then A Boy Called Christmas is a must watch! 

Nikolas heads out on an adventure to the north pole in search of his father who went missing after heading out in search of Elfhelm, the mysterious village of the elves. Nikolas is joined by his pet mouse and Santa’s very own reindeer Blitzen on his harrowing and breath-taking journey to find Elfhelm.

Check out the full trailer below…

Violent Night (Event Cinemas)

If you’re hoping to get out of the house, head on into your local cinema to check out this completely random Christmas fantasy black action comedy starring ‘Stranger Things’ David Harbour. 

A group of violent mercenaries break into a family’s home on Christmas Eve where they hold everyone hostage. What the group didn’t account for was Santa, climbing down the chimney to whip some a**. 

The appropriately named movie, from the4 same directors behind Nobody and Bullet Train, this completely wild and hilariously gruesome Christmas movie has to be the top of this year’s Christmas watch list.

Check out the full trailer below…  

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Georgie Marr

30 November 2022

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Georgie Marr

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