Five Ways To Get The Kids Excited About Christmas

The festive season is almost here!

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December is almost here which means Christmas is right around the corner! While it’s obviously an exciting time for everyone, it’s especially exciting for those kids who are already listing their gift requests and squeezing all of their good deeds into the next few weeks to make sure they’re on Santa’s ‘nice’ list (perhaps a great time for parents to get some help with the chores).

With the kids very likely to be excitable bundles of energy over the next few weeks, we have some great activities to keep them occupied and to help ease them (and you) into the festive season.

Gingerbread Houses


If you’ve never had the pleasure of building your own gingerbread house, this activity should slide up to number one on your activity list. Not only is it a fun and time-consuming activity to keep the kids busy, it’s also entirely edible.

If you want to make the whole thing from scratch there are some great recipes online, otherwise Woolies and Target both sell Gingerbread House kits ready to be assembled.

Pick a Christmas tree


Now, most Aussies tend to opt for the trusty plastic tree that’s probably been in the family for a decade or so. But why not go authentic this year and take the kids on a trip to choose their own Christmas tree?

There are Christmas tree farms all over the country which grow their trees purely for this purpose. Not only will it leave the house smelling like Christmas (a.k.a fresh pine), but it will the help the kids to feel more involved and could become an exciting family tradition.

Follow the link to find your nearest Christmas tree farms.

Create your own Christmas ornaments

This activity is so simple and so much fun for the whole family. If you’re not too fussed with having mismatched Christmas decorations on your tree, this activity is bound to keep the kids busy for several days.

You can use random craft supplies from around the house or head on down to your local craft supply store and grab the following…

  • Clear ornaments
  • Poms
  • Hot glue
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Buttons
  • Sharpie
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Star stickers

Check out the full instructional video below…

Advent Calendar

This activity is a timeless classic that can bring immense joy to both children AND adults. There are so many advent calendars out there to choose from including themed calendars with hidden windows filled with chocolates, toys and other Christmas themed goodies.

There are also plenty of adult advent calendars out there filled with your favourite beverages, perfumes, candles and other trinkets.

Just a couple of our faves include this Paw Patrol themed calendar or this Harry Potter advent calendar.

Letter to Santa


I’ve gotta say, this was one of my favourite Christmas activities as a kid! Grab some Christmas themed craft paper and some colourful pens and stickers and get the kids to write a letter to Santa. They can include their Christmas wish list, along with their favourite moments from throughout the year – they can even include their goals for 2023.

For the parents out there who like to go above and beyond on the Christmas cheer, why not make sure the kids get a carefully crafted reply from the big man himself!

There are so many great ways to keep the kids excited in the lead up to Christmas with plenty of opportunities to instil new family traditions. We hope our list helps to kickstart the festive season and that everyone has a very merry Christmas!

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Georgie Marr

25 November 2022

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Georgie Marr

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