Which Couples Called It Quits On ‘Married At First Sight’ Tonight

Who will stay together?

Which Couples Called It Quits On ‘Married At First Sight’ Tonight Channel Nine

Tonight, Married At First Sight fans tuned into the couples’ final commitment ceremony!

We’re sooooo close to the season finale, so with one week left, it’s time to weed out all those couples who were just never going to work. 

Tonight, we saw not one, but two couples call it quits!

Carly & Justin

This came as no surprise to anyone. From the start there was no real spark between these two, and no matter how many ~intimacy~ therapy sessions with Marion from Kath & Kim they had, there was no hope.

It’s also no secret that Carly tried a lot harder to make things work than Justin (he even admitted that he didn’t put 100% into their relationship), so, the brunette decided to go out with a bang, dishing him a classic ‘I deserve more than you can give me’ line.


Gabrielle & Nasser

Although there was a lot of drama surrounding these two over the past few weeks, Gab and Nasser actually left on really nice terms.

They both knew it was coming and they both agreed they loved each other as friends.

Before revealing what he had written on his decision card, an emotional Nasser left the room in tears, knowing his time with Gab had to come to an end.

“It’s hard you know, I came in this to find love,” he said before walking out, returning and revealing he had decided to leave.

Once both were back on the couch, Gab confirmed she was on the same page: “ I have met the most amazing man who I do hope to have a relationship with in the future, not in a romantic sense, but I do hope one day as a friendship. So, while I am leaving, it’s with love." 


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