What Ever Happened To Your Neighbours Crush Boyd?

Such a hottie!

What Ever Happened To Your Neighbours Crush Boyd?

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He was the Ramsay St babe of the early to mid-2000s, growing up from whiz kid to hunky hubby, so what is Boyd Holland up to in 2016?

Everyone remembers this golden age of 2000s Neighbours. Even if you ask someone if they watch Neighbours they’ll probably say “Not really, I watched it for a bit when it was Boyd and Stingray and stuff…

What an era that was!

We’re talking the Izzy/Carl affair, Delta Goodrem, Sky getting pushed over in the portaloo at her formal, Lana coming out as the show's first lesbian character, Serena accidentally dating her half-brother - SO MUCH DRAMZ!

And at the centre of it all was Boyd -

Image: Network Ten 

Played by actor Kyal Marsh, he has chosen to stay out of the limelight since his Aussie soapie days.

According to his LinkedIn, Kyal is now the managing director for a shopfitting and building company.

He's also sporting some epic facial hair and a big smile!

Image: LinkedIn

TBH we think he's looking dreamier than ever.

Kyal chose to leave the chose after the writers had Boydcheat on his wife Janae. He revealed to the Sheffield Starnewspaper, "I absolutely hated my character at the end. I couldn't believe what they made me do.

I thought it was a stupid storyline and I copped a lot of flack over it. I was really upset. My contract didn't get renewed but I was pretty happy to leave by then. I was ready to go. I was 14 when I joined. It was time to leave."

Following Neighbours, Kyal had a stint on Cirque De Celebrityin the UK, where he showed off his impressive circus skills and killer bod!


Remember that season Boyd had dreadlocks... ? #neverforget