Welp, Blake Colman & Jen Hawke Are Apparently Both Signed Up For 'Bachelor In Paradise'

This is awkward...

Welp, Blake Colman & Jen Hawke Are Apparently Both Signed Up For 'Bachelor In Paradise' Channel Ten

In a very interesting turn of events, both Jen Hawke and Blake Colman have reportedly signed up to appear on the upcoming Aussie debut of Bachelor In Paradise which is... interesting.

According to Woman's Day, all of the Bachelor In Paradise contestants flew out to the filming location last week and and these two had boarding passes in their hands.


If you're wondering why we find this news interesting, well, it's mainly because Blake and Jen reportedly used to date and things didn't really end well for them.

Blake allegedly threatened to sell nude photos of Jen after they broke up but apparently, Woman's Day's "source" says that the incident didn't affect the producers decision to include them both on the show.

"The producers didn’t care about Blake’s brushes with the law, they just thought it would make the series all the more explosive – and they’d already signed up both Jen and Blake before she made the allegations against him."

Earlier this year, Tristan Cooper told Perth Now that Blake had also assaulted him outside a Hungry Jacks in August 2015.

The Bachelorette star did say he was "remorseful" of the attack and was ordered to pay Tristan $850 in compensation.

Not too long ago, it was also rumoured that Leah Costa and Keira Maguire had also signed up for the show meaning that yep, we've got a bunch of villains being put on an island together whilst trying to find love.


What could go wrong?!