Was That Cliffhanger On 'The Bachelor' Really Worth It?

Here's what went down!

Was That Cliffhanger On 'The Bachelor' Really Worth It? Image: Network Ten

Last night, Channel Ten left us absolutely devastated!

After teasing a MASSIVE game changer at last night's rose ceremony, just as Matty was starting to look a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation, we were left with a cliffhanger.

A black screen appeared with these little words "to be continued..." and viewers were NOT happy!



Tonight we FINALLY found out what on earth was going on.

So was the cliffhanger really worth it?

No... no, it wasn't.

In all honesty, what went down here during this sacred ceremony could have definitely been shown last night.


Let us explain...

Last night we saw Sian break down after finding out that Laura got a rose after heading to the secret garden.

She hadn't had any one on one time with Matty this season and she flat out said that if she went home, she wouldn't care.



We knew things were shaky between Sian and Matty coming into this episode and what happened?

He stopped the rose ceremony to take Sian aside and tell her that she's better off going home.

As she said last night, she didn't care.


How anticlimactic is that?

Twitter obviously thought the same thing...


Why... just why?