Troy From 'MAFS' Discusses His Weirdness On 'Today', Proves It's Not An Act

He's just an eccentric guy!

Troy From 'MAFS' Discusses His Weirdness On 'Today', Proves It's Not An Act Channel Nine

Hands up if you've been watching Married At First Sight and have left every episode wondering what the hell is going on inside Troy's head!

Wow, that's a lot of hands!

So, we all know that Troy is a little... eccentric on MAFS and has put his new wife Ashley in some pretty weird positions.

We've laughed about it together, we've cringed about it together, we've watched him blossom in front of the camera and some of you may be wondering whether or not he's putting on an act and is actually pretty normal in real life.

Because he can't really be brushing his teeth like that every day, right?!


Troy appeared on The Today Show this morning to have a chat about his questionable actions on the show and proved that nope, he's not putting on an act.

He's just a "looney" (Ben Fordham's words) guy!


Ben and Deborah Knight chatted to the TV groom this morning and addressed every MAFS moment that we've cringed at because they were thinking the exact same things we were when the show aired.

First, they brought up how Troy brushes his teeth with ben asking, "are there any lessons about brushing your teeth, and how one should brush their teeth in a way that it's not going to shock an entire nation?"

Troy answered the question by telling the hosts that he simply just likes to be thorough:

"I'm pretty happy with how I brush my teeth.

"I only brush once a day so you know, I've got to do a very thorough job... two sessions in one, basically.

"Try and do the whole thing and hit every part of the mouth."


Ben and Deborah were a bit confused about the whole brushing "once a day" thing, but Troy just laughed it off... quite loudly too.

Then, they just had to ask about the push-ups because you don't just leave your wife waiting for you on the road while you go and do push-ups.

Troy admitted that he just wanted to look good for Ashley and explained how just two minutes of push ups, can go a long way:

"So, when you're with a stunningly beautiful girl, Ashley's a remarkable girl, I wanted to look the part.

"She's in great shape and a few little push-ups go a long way, you know.

"You get the swell effect, we're on our honeymoon, beachside, you know, shirts off and stuff, so just two minutes, even less than two minutes, actually delivers big results."

Now that's all well and good, but why do them when you're on your way to breakfast, leaving your wife standing in the middle of the road?


Troy explained to Deborah that yeah, it was pretty poor timing on his part.

"You're 100 per cent right, I'm back on track.

"I'm sorry that that did come up."

Throughout the interview, Troy was very expressive with his hands, which we're used to on MAFS, but not in real life and after discussing all of his cringe-worthy moments, Ben just stepped in to tell him that he's "looney, but in a good way".

Oh, what will Troy do next!