Tracey Jewel Has Addressed The Whole Davina & Dean Debacle!

She tells her side of the story!

Tracey Jewel Has Addressed The Whole Davina & Dean Debacle! Channel Nine

Last night, we saw Davina and Dean take their relationship to the next level when they snuck off during the dinner party to snuggle and flirt, whilst their partners sat at the dinner table, completely unaware.

Ryan has discussed his relationship with Davina, saying that he had no idea what was going on, and now Tracey has addressed the cheating scandal herself!

Whilst speaking to OK!, she explained that the whole affair completely took her by surprise because he had told her that he didn't like Davina at all! 

"We had a conversation about what we thought of the other couples.

"He told me he didn't like Davina so I was totally thrown off the scent in terms of there being anything there."


Tracey said that initially, she got along with Davina but once she saw her flirting with the other husbands at the first dinner party, she had a change of heart.

"I was sitting across from Davina at the first dinner party and we got along for a while.

"But then I noticed she was flirting – with everyone – and I also noticed the things she was saying about [her husband] Ryan, who was sitting right next to her."

After the show finished filming, Tracey told the magazine that she lost 7 kilos due to the stress and pressure that the show had put on her!

"When I'm feeling emotional, I can't eat.

"I was so stressed by the situation with Dean I lost a lot of weight."

She's now focusing on her health and is hoping to gain the weight back as soon as she can.

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