Tonight's MasterChef Challenge Made Everyone Freak Out

It wasn't pretty...

Tonight's MasterChef Challenge Made Everyone Freak Out

Image: Network Ten

Tonight's two MasterChef challenges really shook the contestants.

At the very beginning of the episodes, the contestants found out that this week was 'Home Cooking Week'.

This meant that all of their fancy equipment was being locked away for the week but really, who uses a blast chiller at home anyway?


The first challenge involved a mystery box filled with pineapple, prawns, pumpkin, parmesan, chillies, anchovies, olive oil and kefir.


For those of you who are just as confused about what the hell kefir is, it's fermented milk which is similar to yoghurt according to Matt

The first round of dishes mainly consisted of pineapple because somehow, that was the only ingredient every contestant ended up using.

Eloise ended up winning the mystery box challenge and so, she was then whisked away to choose what the main ingredient for the Invention Challenge would be.

The three ingredients Eloise had to choose from were fennel, mussels and halloumi cheese.


Eloise decided to go with the halloumi and this freaked everyone out!

Eliza started her invention challenge a bit late.

After fifteen minutes had passed, she was STILL decided on what to cook and eventually settled on pasties.

Lee was grilled by Gary about his snapper dish, making him sweat furiously and poor old Pete was just not having any luck with his lamb.

When it was time to serve up, Sarah and Karlie nailed it!


Sarah served up some delicious halloumi and beetroot cigars and Karlie made some amazing halloumi fritters.


After struggling at first, Eliza's parties ended up being a big hit with the judges, but fans weren't so sure about calling her the "baking queen".


Ray's halloumi and vegetable stack, unfortunately, didn't please the judges as well as he had hoped but, his dish didn't end up being the worst of the night.

After his lamb dish didn't work out, Pete ran into the pantry again at the last minute only to deliver "halloumi dukkah with grilled halloumi on top, basically."



If there's one thing we've learned from this, it's that halloumi is a tricky cheese.