This Web Series All About Drinking Wine Is The Most Relatable Thing Ever

They just GET me...

This Web Series All About Drinking Wine Is The Most Relatable Thing Ever Wine, a bottle shared is a problem halved. Facebook

There are so many different TV shows around these days and while you think some of them are extremely entertaining, not many of them have really resonated with the lives of regular Aussie women.

Only a select few shows on TV really seem to understand our lives, but this new Aussie web series is so damn relatable, you'd think that the creators were listening in on the conversations you were having with your girls.

The new show is called Wine, a bottle shared is a problem halved. and it follows two best friends who get together once a week to debrief about their lives and drink wine.

Who hasn't done that with their bestie before?!

It stars Emily Taheny and Jess Harris who are probably two of the funniest women in Australia and the latter of which, stars in another great Aussie show called twentysomething which you can see on Netflix if you haven't already checked it out.

A bunch of familiar Aussie actors are going to be popping in on the show including Home & Away alum Jackson Gallagher and Ryan Shelton, who is probably been in almost every Aussie comedy show ever...

The show promises to be a constant reminder that no matter how crazy and confusing life gets, your friends will always be there for you and pour you a healthy glass of wine.

Which is a very nice sentiment, isn't it?!

Word of warning though, there are a few ~bad words~ said in the show, just so you know...

New episodes will be released via the show's Facebook page so give it a follow if you're as keen on this new show as we are!