This ‘Queer Eye’ Music Video Is SO Hot Right Now

We LOVE this!

This ‘Queer Eye’ Music Video Is SO Hot Right Now Netflix / VEVO

Queer Eye fans, listen up!

We’re all anxiously awaiting Queer Eye Season 2 and we’ve just been delivered a brand new music video from these fabulous five, teaming up with Aussie singer Betty Who!

Betty took to her social media to share the news about her song, which she has remixed with the Fab Five to be the new series’ theme song. 


The second season will see the team take on their first transgender makeover. 

Tan spoke with the Press Association about the episode and how proud he is of it. 

“I had never interacted with a trans person before, I’d never met a trans person before. And so it gave me an opportunity to ask questions that I have never been able to ask before…  

"I’m ignorant, I don’t know what I can do to support the trans community. What kind of questions do you never want to hear again? Those kinds of questions were really helpful, for me and the audience.”

Check out the music video BELOW!


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