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This New Show On Netflix Is Making Everyone Want To Be Better People

It's funny too, don't worry!

This New Show On Netflix Is Making Everyone Want To Be Better People Netflix

It's an age-old question, do you think you're going to heaven or hell when you die? Everyone thinks about the afterlife and what might happen when your time on earth ends, but not many people have made a TV about it!

Netflix, being the groundbreaking film and television show geniuses that they are, decided to transform the question into a hilarious new TV show that not only will make you laugh out loud, but will also make you want to be a better person.

Welcome, to The Good Place.


The Good Place is a show about Elenor Shellstrop and what happens to her when she unexpectedly dies at the hands of some shopping trolleys and massive truck.

She arrives in a waiting room telling her "everything is fine" and is welcomed into a room by Michael, the man who runs The Good Place, aka heaven.


In this wonderful place, those who have done good things on earth are given an afterlife with their perfect home, lots of frozen yogurt and their soulmate, of whom, many people hadn't met previously.

Elenor is told that her soulmate is Chidi, an ethics professor who likes to live his life to a very strict moral code, and her neighbours are Tehani, a British socialite who spent her life raising money for various charities and Jian Yu, a Taiwanese monk who doesn't speak.


Everything kicks off without a hitch until Elenor realises that despite thinking she's amazing, she knows that she doesn't belong in The Good Place and needs to make sure she doesn't get found out and sent to The Bad Place where she'll be tortured for eternity.

Although it is a comedy show, The Good Place does make you wonder what you've done for the world recently.

Whilst you're watching Elenor try and learn about ethics and morals, you begin to wonder whether your morals are actually good and if you should do more to help the world out.

Also, have I mentioned that Ted Danson (or Becker as you may know him) plays Michael, the angel-like "architect" of The Good Place and Elenor is played by Kristen Bell?!


The rest of the cast is basically made up of new actors and actresses but every now and again, more well-known actors pop in just to mix things up a bit!

Seasons one and two are both available on Netflix right now, so if you want to inject yourself with a bit of moral fibre, get binging, people!