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This New Show Blends Together 'Gossip Girl' & 'Big Little Lies', But There's A Catch

Prepare for Élite.

This New Show Blends Together 'Gossip Girl' & 'Big Little Lies', But There's A Catch @seewhatsnext Twitter

We know that a lot of time we're telling you about shows that blend two other classic shows together, but this time, Netflix has put it in their own Tweet about a brand new show, so it's legit!

For those who don't know, Netflix has a Twitter account called See What's Next that previews new shows landing on the streaming platform.

A few days ago, the account posted three photos from a new TV show that will be landing on Netflix very soon called Élite and described it as a show that blends together Gossip Girl and Big Little Lies.


It looks pretty great, right?!

The series is about three students who have been admitted into one of the most exclusive (and expensive) schools in the country after an earthquake and of course, drama ensues.

Now, there's is something pretty important that we should tell you about this show... it's in Spanish.

The show is being made in Spain and so, if you've never watched anything with subtitles before, this will be a VERY good experience for you!

Élite will premiere on Netflix in Spring.

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