This Miracle Baby Story On ‘This Time Next Year’ Had Everyone Crying Last Night

"Here is our little miracle."

This Miracle Baby Story On ‘This Time Next Year’ Had Everyone Crying Last Night

Images: Channel Nine 

This Time Next Year hit a new level of emotion last night with a truly inspiring story which led to the incredible birth of a healthy baby girl.

Last night, the show introduced us to married couple Sam and Ben who had been dreaming of starting a family.

Sadly, Sam was left infertile after miraculously surviving ovarian cancer, which she had been told would give her only a handful of months to live.

Already a survivor, Sam was determined to fall pregnant, receiving donated eggs from her sister Rachel and even travelling to Spain to get access to more donors, however, all attempts failed.

This is when Rachel and Sam’s other sister Nikkita stepped in.

The sisters decided that Nikkita would donate eggs and Rachel would be the surrogate to bring Sam and Ben their baby!

"I was very aware of what I was getting myself in for and I knew it was going to be really hard, so I prepared myself for that," Rachel (who was already a mother of three) told 9Honey.

Last night, little baby Starla was introduced to Karl Stefanovic and the rest of Australia on This Time Next Year and we COULD NOT COPE!


"My two sisters delivered," Sam told Karl. "And here is our little miracle."

"She's just the best little baby we could have hoped for. It's just amazing," Ben gushed. 

We were all Karl



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