This 'GOT' Star Thinks The Ending Has Already Been Leaked

Do you believe him?

This 'GOT' Star Thinks The Ending Has Already Been Leaked

Image: HBO

If you're a bit shocked about that headline, don't worry, we totally understand.

HBO have gone to great lengths to make sure that every episode of Game Of Thrones isn't spoiled for fans.

The cast of the show are even kept in the dark and aren't informed about the next episode's plot until their own script arrives.

We can safely assume that every cast member on the show has their own theory about how the show will end, but one star seems to think that the ending has been leaked somewhere on the web already!

Nicholai Coster-Waldau, or Jamie Lannister if you prefer, was recently interviewed by The Observer and said that all of the biggest plot points of the show have probably been leaked already.


"For years there was the whole thing with ‘book readers’ who knew what was going to happen.

"But it is more intense now, because nobody knows.

"There has been a couple times where I’ve actually, by accident, said something I shouldn’t have.

"But because nobody knows, they don’t necessarily pick up on it.

"If you go online you can definitely read every plot point that's going to happen.

"You can find the ending of Game Of Thrones on the internet.

"But you wouldn't know.

"Of course, nobody really wants to know."

Translation: some of those "fan theories" you've been reading on the internet, according to Nicholai, are probably true.

Trying to figure out which ones, however, is the real mission.


We honestly need July to hurry up and start now!