This Footage Of GOT's 'The Hound' Changes EVERYTHING

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This Footage Of GOT's 'The Hound' Changes EVERYTHING HBO

DW, there aren’t any spoilers lurking here!

You’re safe. 

We’re sitting here anxiously awaiting the season finale of Game of Thrones season seven, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever felt before. 

Seriously, HOW the hell are they supposed to wrap up this season nicely, without leaving us in tears and needing more?!

Questions aside, we can’t wait to see what goes down, but we also just learned what goes on BEHIND the scenes of Game of Thrones and we fell in love with an unexpected character. 


Two of the show’s stars took to social media to share a quick clip of what they get up to behind the scenes of the show, and OH BOY has our view of The Hound just changed…

The actors who play Tormund and The Hound decided to grace us with this… 


Yeah, we know that the actor and the character aren’t the same person, but when you have a fandom as huge as GOT, the two start to become one. 

After seeing this, though, things will never be the same…

Who else is looking forward to the season finale?!