The Small Detail You May Have Missed From Today's 'Game Of Thrones' Episode!

Did you notice it?

The Small Detail You May Have Missed From Today's 'Game Of Thrones' Episode! Image: HBO

WARNING! This post contains MAJOR spoilers from the sixth episode of Game Of Thrones so if you haven't seen it, get watching ASAP so you can discuss it with us!

Tonight's Game Of Thrones episode left us speechless.

After coming to Jon Snow's rescue, Daenerys Targaryen lost one of her precious dragons and we still haven't recovered.


The Mother Of Dragons flew her three dragons, DrogonViserion, and Rhaegal, north of Eastwatch to save Westeros' suicide squad from the army of the dead.

She nailed her entrance, burning quite a few wights to a crisp, but no before the Night King could grab an icy spear and thrust it into the heart of Viserion, causing him to fall out of the sky and into the lake below.

Now, when we first watched the episode, we simply thought that would be the end of Viserion, but no, the Night King decided to fish the dragon out of the icy depths and create his very own ice dragon.


This was a massive shock to Game Of Thrones fans everywhere, but one small detail could be the key to defeating the new dragon or, possibly, result with him betraying his new master.

When she named her dragons, Daenerys chose her words wisely.

She named Drogon after her husband, Khal Drogo and Rhaegal after her brother (Jon's dad) Rheagar Targaryen.

Viserion was named after Daenerys' other brother, Viserys Targaryen who, way back in season one, sold his little sister to the Dothraki as a slave in the first place. 

He was later killed by Khal pouring liquid gold on his head...


What's interesting is that all this time, Viserion's fate may have been sealed when he received his name. 

Viserys was pretty evil, drunk with power and treating his sister like trash.


Now, Viserion has been turned evil by the night king, following in the footsteps of his namesake!

But will Viserion remain loyal to his new master?

Or, unlike Viserys, will he somehow stay true to his mother?

Only time will tell...