The Explosive Confrontation We've All Been Waiting For Has Finally Arrived!

Ryan Vs Dean!

The Explosive Confrontation We've All Been Waiting For Has Finally Arrived! Channel Nine

After an entire week of Davina trying to win over Ryan and Dean trying to make things work with Tracey after the whole cheating scandal, we've finally reached the dinner party to end all dinner parties!

At the moment, Ryan wants out and still hasn't forgiven Davina for flirting with Dean behind his back and Tracey is giving him another chance.

It's been a strained week and now that Ryan and Dean are coming face to face, s&$%'s going to hit the fan!

Ryan's pretty happy about going to the dinner party because he really wants to see the other couples after spending the whole week with Davina.

But, understandably, he doesn't want to see Dean.



Speaking of the other couples, they aren't happy about what Dean did to Tracey and all seem to agree that Ryan really deserves better.

As they all entered the party, you could clearly see that everyone was happy to see each other and it was nice to see everyone happy!

But that's not what we're here for, we're here for drama!

Even before Dean and Davina arrived, the other couples were saying how stupid it made them feel for trying to make their marriages work.


As soon as Ryan walked in, everyone embraced him and he told the camera that it made him feel a lot better about everything that went down.


Then, Davina started talking to some of the girls and ended up turning them against Dean saying, "why does the woman always get the blame?"

Soon, Dean and Tracey showed up and whilst she greeted Davina, her husband was greeted with a "f*** off" from Ryan when he tried to say hello.


Ryan is placed right in front of Dean at the dinner table and Sarah knew straight away it was bad placement.

Dean said he said sorry to Ryan the night of the commitment ceremony and because he wouldn't look him in the eye, he couldn't apologise again.

Then Dean said "what have I ever done to you?" and said that he thought Ryan drove Davina to him!


Ryan said that he's "full of s%$^" and Dean retorted by saying that he basically asked Davina to leave him!

Ryan eventually got up and changed seats because he didn't want to hear what Dean had to say and soon, everyone else at the table told him to shut up and stop causing chaos.

Throughout all of this, Davina has had no trouble.

Soon, Sean flat out asked Dean why he changed his mind and he said that "I can change my mind if I want".

Then, the other couples asked him what went on and soon, Dean tried to tell everyone that HE was the victim!


The victim blaming is just getting too intense and now, Tracey said that she just "doesn't know what to believe anymore" and is trying to process everything she's hearing.

Soon, she tells Dean to focus on her and not everyone else before she decided to also get up and change seats.

Soon, she explains to the other girls that Dean let her read the text messages Davina sent him and she said that they were "sexual" and that from what she read, her husband actually said nothing to instigate the relationship.

Tracey said that she stayed with Dean "to make him feel the consequences" of his actions because as she said to the other girls, he deserved to feel bad for what he did.

This girl is smart!


Then, Dean made a TOAST!

First, he apologised to Tracey in front of everyone and was met with silence.

He apologised to Davina, who wasn't here for it at all and when he apologised to Ryan, again he was met with an unfriendly "f&$# off".

Ryan then continued to tell him that "everyone that comes out of your mouth is bulls^$%".

Charlene even stood up for Ryan and Tracey saying that they don't deserve to be treated as horribly as they have been!

After feeling left out, Dean tried to strike up a conversation with Telv, good ol' Telv, and soon he was told that "actions speak louder than words" and that he wasn't exactly in the good books.

Soon things heat up and Telv absolutely SLAMS Dean telling him to get out of his face.

And while everyone was bagging Dean, Davina sipped her wine like nothing was wrong.

So Tracey, like the strong woman that she's shown she clearly is, decided to confront her privately about the incident.

She sat her down and said "I don't just feel lied to by Dean, I feel lied to by you" and Davina told her that he started everything by telling her that his marriage wasn't working.


Soon, Davina tried to make Tracey look like that bad guy by telling her that she should have left and it's her fault that she's in the situation she's in because she didn't leave Dean.

Tracey told Davina that she clearly has "no respect for me as a person" and Davina replied by saying, "if you're going to be bitchy about it...".

It just did NOT end well.

Now, we've got Sunday to look forward to which will be... interesting.

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