The Block’s Ronnie & Georgia Have Now Claimed The Show Is Rigged

What's this show actually about again?

The Block’s Ronnie & Georgia Have Now Claimed The Show Is Rigged Channel 9

Following the latest drama on The Block, Ronnie and Georgia have appeared on the Today Show to share their thoughts. 

Last night on The Block, the renovating 'villains' Ronnie and Georgia's home was shut down due to electrical defects. 

According to the show's foremen, there were "electrical issues everywhere" and so the house was shut down, stopping Ronnie and Georgia from continuing with their work. 


Now, appearing on the Today Show, the couple has come out and said that the only reason their property was shut down, was to help the other teams catch up. 

"Look, I think they were just trying to slow us down, we were miles ahead of everyone," said Ronnie. 

"Keith and Dan come in and make a big deal about it..." 

The hosts then caught on to what the pair were getting at. 

"Hang on, you're saying rigged," said Sylvia Jeffreys

"All I'm saying is Dan put on quite the performance," Ronnie responded. 

Of course, by this point Karl Stefanovic was just itching to say something and asked:

"So, you think, what you're saying this morning on national television, on the network that actually broadcasts this show, that someone entered the fray to deliberately slow you down and to break you?"

To which Ronnie, without any hesitation, replied, "100% to slow us down, not to break me, they wouldn't have broken me." 

You can watch their full chat below. 


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