'The Block' Judge Reveals Why He Thinks We're Completely Obsessed With The Show!

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'The Block' Judge Reveals Why He Thinks We're Completely Obsessed With The Show! Channel Nine

Have you ever wondered why Australia is so keen to snuggle up on the couch and watch five couples renovate houses?

The Block is one of the most popular reality TV shows here in Aus alongside The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but what makes it so appealing?

Judge Neale Whitaker seems to have an idea!

Whilst speaking to the Courier Mail, the interiors expert and now presenter of Foxtel show Love It or List It says that we Aussie just love a good dose of home inspo!

“I might be biased but I think we make the best reno shows in the world in Australia and they’ve given us a real appetite for all things real estate, renovation and interior design. 

"We’re a nation obsessed with real estate and now we’re equally obsessed with the way our homes look. It’s fantastic!”


Hannah Barnes, the general manager of Foxtel's Lifestyle channels, thinks there's actually a lot more to Australia's renovating obsession.

She believes that looking after homes is just a part of our culture!

"I think it’s because we value our lifestyles more in this country and our homes are so much a part of our lifestyle.

“We’ve got more property shows on prime time TV than they do in the UK. 

"British people like property shows too, they do well (in the UK), but they do better here."


Tonight, The Block showcased some amazing backyard designs that originally caused a few dramas on the worksite but managed to become wonderful tropical oasis' smack bang in the middle of Melbourne.


Justin Sturzaker, The Block's executive producer, told the Courier Mail that he thinks the key to the show's success is the fact that it presents a slice of the Australian dream, a dream that heavily focuses on home ownership.

"We’re brought up with the idea that owning your own home, or having your own real estate investment, is a better way to live your life and creates security."


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