The Bachelor’s Florence Was Happy To Be Eliminated & She Played Us Big Time

Please explain...

The Bachelor’s Florence Was Happy To Be Eliminated & She Played Us Big Time Channel Ten

Florence Alexandra Sophie seemed anything but happy when she was eliminated from 2017’s The Bachelor, by lover boy Matty J, but she’s just revealed some goss’ that makes us feel like we’ve all been played BIG time. 

The 27-year-old spoke to Yahoo Be, and revealed, “There’s no such thing as ‘falling in love’ or ‘I’m on my way to falling in love with you’. 

“For me it just happens. When I’m in love it just hits me. 

“And it didn’t hit me.

“I definitely wasn’t on my way to falling in love… How would that even work?"


Hold up a minute, Florence. 

Remember when you told Matty you were close to falling in love with him? 

And that you ‘could have’ fallen for him? 

And how devastated you were when you were booted off?

She released a rather lengthy Instagram post to set some things straight about how she’s feeling post-The Bachelor. 


She then went on to say, in her Yahoo Be interview, that “I really, really liked him and he’s 10/10 but I wasn’t in love yet. 

“When he didn’t give me a rose I was relieved because it was over and I didn’t have to struggle with the thought of 'Am I in love?’ or ‘Will I ever fall in love with him?’”

She also informed TV Week that, “Even though I liked him a lot, I wasn’t in love and he wasn’t in love and it was a good decision.”


In other news, Florence revealed she’s totally up to be the next Bachelorette, telling NW, “Oh sign me up!

“I definitely wouldn’t go on another dating show and be a contestant, but bring the guys to me!"

Now that’s something we would LOVE to watch…