SPOILER: One Of Our Favourite MAFS Couples May Have Broken Up!

Potential spoilers ahead!

SPOILER: One Of Our Favourite MAFS Couples May Have Broken Up! Channel Nine

Will we ever see another happy ending on this show?!

Just when we thought this season might churn out more couples than ever, it’s just been reported that one of our favourite couples has apparently called it quits.


This season we’ve been introduced to some great couples like Telv & Sarah and Charlene & Patrick.

But one couple who looked like they could really have a future were John & Melissa, however apparently, that isn’t the case.

New Idea has this morning reported that their romance wasn’t what it seemed.

Initially everything seemed perfect between the two, “It was actually ridiculous how well everyone got along," Mel told the publication. “Our kids are very similar.”

Although their wedding appeared to be one of the smoothest, Mel says she didn’t feel that initial spark walking down the aisle and immediately felt pressure to make it work, considering John’s relationship with Deb last season. 

“I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that it was him because I knew him. I knew he was a nice person.

“But then I started to straight away overthink and I was like: ‘F***, that’s going to be a lot of pressure.’ I really did.”


As women all over the country fell in love with John last season, Mel admits she actually wasn’t one of them.

“I actually didn’t have a crush on him,’ she admits. ‘I was probably the only woman in Australia who didn’t.”

The gossip magazine went on to quote sources which claimed producers asked the couple to fake their relationship as they didn’t want to show John ending up with a failed ‘marriage’ again.

John can’t fail twice, so production pretty much told Mel to just smile and nod and enjoy the ride” a 'friend' told the publication.

“They have to wait a few months and just let it look like it just fizzled out naturally. The good thing is they are in agreement and both happy to be friends, but it’s not easy and they are both terrified they will mess up and give the game away.”

I’d like to point out at this moment that none of the quotes about the pair splitting up have actually come from the couple themselves, and so, maybe there IS hope for these two after all!

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