SPOILER ALERT: A Bachie Favourite Is Set To Walk Out Of Bachelor In Paradise

Who do you think will leave?

SPOILER ALERT: A Bachie Favourite Is Set To Walk Out Of Bachelor In Paradise Network Ten

Just as things seem to be heating up on Bachelor In Paradise, it looks like everything's about to come crumbling down...

NW magazine has reported that a favourite cast member on the show is planning to walk out in an upcoming episode, leading a few more cast members to follow in their footsteps.

The ex-Bachie contestant in question: Michael Turnbull.


As most of these rumours start out, 'insiders' revealed to the magazine that Michael's dramatic exit leads others to think about their position in Fiji and ultimately leaves to a mass exodus.

One of the sources said that the reason the contestants decided to leave was simply because they were sick of not finding any connections on the show.

"It got to the point where they were tired of trying to 'find a connection' with people they just weren't interested in.

"And the more time that passed, the less chance there was of them finding something real."

NW didn't mention what other contestants were set to leave, but we think we have a hunch about who might be thinking about ditching the whole thing...









Let's remember that Apollo and Elora still haven't arrived in Fiji just yet (honestly, we're still patiently waiting on their breath-taking introduction that CLEARLY involves fire twirling), so it could potentially be one of them as well!

Who do you think will walk out?

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