Sorry Everyone, Leah Isn't Engaged To Jesse From MAFS

She's commented on the photos.

Sorry Everyone, Leah Isn't Engaged To Jesse From MAFS @nick_furphy86 Instagram

Yesterday, after leaving Bachelor In Paradise, Leah was spotted doing interviews whilst wearing a massive diamond ring on her ring finger.

Leah did confirm that she was seeing someone who works in hospitality and that she "can't tell you who it is but I'll tell you you'll know his face".

Now, Nick Furphy, who you may remember from Married At First Sight as one of the grooms of the twins, has posted a photo of Leah hanging out the Jesse Konstantinoff, who is also an ex-MAFS groom, congratulating them on their engagement.

Image: @nick_furphy86 Instagram

Of course, fans of both reality shows went nuts for the photo, but we're sorry to burst your bubble everyone, Nick's just kidding around!

Leah commented on the post saying that Nick loves "to stir s**t", which is pretty much confirmation that it's a load of BS.

Image: @nick_furphy86 Instagram

Jesse also took to his own Instagram page to advise everyone that his "ex-brother-in-law" was just being a goof.

Image: @jessekonstantinoff Instagram 

As for who Leah's really seeing, our money's on a Masterchef contestant...

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