Sophie Monk Reveals How Tough It Is To Be Australia's 'Bachelorette'

"I was vulnerable."

Sophie Monk Reveals How Tough It Is To Be Australia's 'Bachelorette' Channel Ten

With Matty's Bachelor journey coming to a close, Australia is getting ready for Sophie Monk's Bachelorette debut.

There's been a lot of talk about who the star will meet on the show and that thankfully, she does find love at the end of the season.

But today, Sophie has revealed that it wasn't all cute dates and sweet gestures, although there is DEFINITELY plenty of that stuff...


Whilst speaking to TV Week, Sophie explained that whilst filming the show, she really struggled to comprehend what she was doing.

“I was vulnerable.

"I think I cried every day, and I had to learn to stand up for myself.

“In past relationships, I’d stay for years just because I couldn’t get out or stand up for myself.

"So this whole experience has taught me to be really strong and look after myself.”

Luckily, after a few weeks, Sophie started to feel more comfortable and eventually, found the man she'd been looking for.


Whilst we're watching The Bachelorette and The Bachelor unfold on screen, the star and their winner usually have to keep their relationship under wraps until the finale airs.

Sophie explained that because she's used to hiding her relationships from the tabloids, she finds it extremely easy to do.

"It’s been a piece of cake.

“I’m like a pro! I would have to hide out with other boyfriends in the past, so it’s been easy.”

And by the way, she's DEFINITELY in love!

“I’m so badly in love.

"I usually date people who are really competitive, especially if they’re in the [film and television] industry – they can get a bit jealous.

"But I feel like I’ve finally met my best friend, which is so different."


We can't wait to meet the men fighting for her heart properly!

The Bachelorette will be on our screens NEXT WEEK!