Sophie Monk Responds To Georgia Love Calling Love Island "Absolutely Abhorrent"

"Beauty shines always..."

Sophie Monk Responds To Georgia Love Calling Love Island "Absolutely Abhorrent" Network Ten / Channel Nine

Earlier this morning, former Bachelorette Georgia Love made headlines after she slammed Love Island Australia on Twitter, calling it "absolutely abhorrent".

Now, the show's host, former Bachelorette Sophie Monk, has responded to Georgia's comments saying that "we can't judge".


"Adore you, but we can't judge when there weren't other women in the show.Lets wait..Beauty within shines always."

Sophie added that they both wore bikinis on The Bachelorette at one point, but Georgia was quick to say that she never wore a bikini, after she explained that she wasn't judging the girls on Love Island, she was just "disappointed" that the girls "were simply pieces of meat".


"I certainly am not judging the people, I’m all about ‘You Do You’! Was just really disappointed by how it felt as if the girls were simply pieces of meat and up the taking. Full disclosure though I only watched the first 10 minutes so don’t know what happened after that!"

Sophie replied to Georgia one last time saying that the girls on Love Island are "going through what we did but harder" and that women must "be kind" and "back each other".


Who knew dating shows could cause all of this?!

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