Someone Wants To Reboot 'Fraiser' Now & We've Just Given Up

This is not good scrambled eggs...

Someone Wants To Reboot 'Fraiser' Now & We've Just Given Up Paramount Television

You know what, we've absolutely given up on Hollywood and their lack of original content... it's just becoming way too much.

News from the U.S. has come through saying that someone wants to reboot Fraiser now and honestly, there are quite a few reasons why this is just a bad idea... 

Firstly, this is a classic show that we can rewatch as much as we like and relive the days where the internet didn't run our lives (because lets face it, it does) and secondly, actor John Mahoney, who played Martin Crane in the show, passed away in February, so can we not just enjoy the fantastic character he portrayed?


But we digress...

Kelsey Grammar, is that someone who wants to reboot Fraiser for a new generation and since he was the one who played the titular character in the show, it kind of softens the blow of this news.

According to Deadline, in this version of Fraiser, the show would be completely revamped by being set in another city, which is understandable considering that Fraiser Crane was originally a character in the sitcom Cheers and moved from Boston to Seattle to start a new life and reconnect with his family in the spin-off series.


Kelsey is apparently meeting up with writers to come up with a concept for the new series and when they've settled on one and a writer is locked in to run the show, then everything will be full steam ahead.

Please, oh PLEASE Kelsey, make sure this reboot is solid!


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