Snezana Markoski Reveals Surprising Aspect Of 'The Bachelor' Auditions

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Snezana Markoski Reveals Surprising Aspect Of 'The Bachelor' Auditions Channel Ten

If someone you know wants to look for love on The Bachelor this year, one of the very first women to win the Australian version of the series has given the public a bit of an idea of what they are in for during the audition process.

Snezana Markoski, who is still with her TV hubby Sam Wood and gave birth to the first Bachelor baby, Willow, last year, has opened up about the crazy things women are asked to do when auditioning for The Bachelor.


Whilst speaking to Kate ‘Monty’ Diamond on Show And Tell, Snez revealed a strange game that potential contestants are made to play during their audition.

"You have to look at the person next to you and give them a compliment.

"The person on the other side, [you have to] tell them something you don’t like about them."

Imagine entering a room with someone you've known for only a few minutes, complimenting them and then having to tell them you don't like them.


Everyone knows that strange things happen on the Bachelor set, but it's surprising to know that the craziness actually starts before anyone's even set foot in the mansion!

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