Simone From 'The Bachelor' Has Spoken Out About Those Topless Photos

"I love you"

Simone From 'The Bachelor' Has Spoken Out About Those Topless Photos

Image: Network Ten

If you have been watching The Bachelor as closely as we have, you would have seen how lovely Simone Ormersher actually is.

On Thursday she stood up for one of the other Bachelorettes after the resident 'mean girls' mocked her.

Last week, pictures of Simone topless emerged on the internet.

The Daily Mail released photos of her waitressing a bucks party in a sheer bodysuit and the internet went into a frenzy.


Simone has now taken to social media saying that she was initially "embarrassed" by the photos, but the support of her friends and family have made her feel better about her past.


"From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank everyone for being so loving caring and supportive of the whole situation.

"When the news first came to light I felt ashamed, embarrassed and just wanted to jump into my bed cry uncontrollably, pull my blankets over my head thing blew over.

"I just now come to realise with the help of my friends and family that sometimes we do things in life we are not proud of, and in life, you have to do what you have to do to survive!

"Sometimes you can't let life get you down or crush you, you have to be strong enough to adjust, move on and adapt to your situation.

"That's how I learnt about perseverance and courage is all about it's also being about to move forward and adapt when life can become difficult. 

"These are the life lessons I have learnt from my mum being such a strong positive independent women and I know if I can be half the women that she is I know she would be proud.

"I'm just trying to be the best version of myself and sometimes to have to go through adversity to get there.

"So thank you! You have all been so lovely it brings me to tears when I read all comments of the public the supporting me.

"Everything is so new to me but it nice to know there are people out there that can relate to my story and offer their kind words of support.

"I love you."


We love you too Simone!