Shelby Says Erin & Eden Are The Real Deal

"They're big jokers..."

Shelby Says Erin & Eden Are The Real Deal 9GO!

Love Island Australia evictee Shelby Mills has refuted claims that her mates Erin and Eden aren't on the show for the right reasons.

Yesterday, Millie told The Daily Mail that she believed that the couple knew each other before they entered the villa and apparently, the rest of the cast agreed that something was a bit... off.

"In the last couple of days, we've started thinking that [they knew each other before the show].

"I just think the whole thing seems staged on their behalf.

"I won't forget on the first day, Erin kept repeating 'I know the last guy is for me' - when there was already four guys there."


Today, Shelby has told that Erin and Eden definitely are on Love Island for the right reasons, in fact, the couple were planning on walking away from the show!

"There has been occasions where they’ve been like we’re happy to leave because we’ve found love, we’ve found what we are looking for.

"So to say that they are playing the game or there for the money, I would disagree with that."


Dom, who was also voted off of Love Island last night, agreed with Shelby and said "they are big jokers, the stuff they say I don’t think they generally mean, I think it’s just a bii of a joke to wind each other up a little bit.

"In the end they literally have their fight and then five minutes later they are just laughing and being stupid together."

Tonight is the Love Island Australia finale and Erin and Eden are up for the $50,000 prize alongside Josh and Amelia; and Tayla and Grant.

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