Secret Netflix Codes You NEED To Know


Secret Netflix Codes You NEED To Know Netflix

Some of us are still in holiday mode and are spending our days, or nights, cuddled up on the couch and watching our favourite films and shows on Netflix. 

While we love everything we’re seeing, we want a little extra in our lives, and these secret Netflix codes are the perfect thing to add some excitement into our lives, by opening up new genres for us all!

Acording to Yahoo, the codes ONLY work through an internet browser (not in the app). 

All you have to do is log in to your account, then type in: .

BUT, instead of typing XXXX you need to type in a specific code before pressing enter, to get to the secret libraries!

Here are some of the codes:

3284 - Western Movies Starring Clint Eastwood.

3722 - Visually-striking Crime Thrillers.

8195 - B-Horror Movies.

4961 - Dramas based on books. 

9299 - Teen Dramas. 

3885 - Campy late night comedies.

943 - Feel Good Comedy. 

67673 - Disney films. 

Want the COMPLETE LIST of codes?

Click HERE to find them!