Scotty Cam Sends ‘The Block’ Couple Packing After 'Offensive' Incident

"You are off The Block"

Scotty Cam Sends ‘The Block’ Couple Packing After 'Offensive' Incident Channel 9

The Block has teased an explosive Sunday Reveals episode come this weekend... so, who's the unlucky couple who gets the boot? 

One thing's for sure with this season of The Block, it's far less about the renovations and much more about the drama... and Scotty Cam has had enough. 

During a teaser for this Sunday's episode, which looks like a definite doozy, the teams (one in particular) get a grilling from Scotty. 


"I'm a bit offended as well, mate," he says. 

"10,000 couples applied to be on this series of The Block and have the opportunity that you have right now. 

"This is just pathetic. It's beyond rude. It's a slap in the face to everyone involved. 

"In other words, you need to go hard or go home. 

"Now, this is the hardest thing that I've ever had to do... You are off The Block." 

So, which couple will it be?

Right now, what we know is that the lowest score ever is being teased, and that Sarah and Jason have an unfinished bedroom - will they decide to just give up? 


Speaking to OK!, Sarah reveals that Scotty isn't pleased with the couple. 

"We were pretty stressed out that week and we weren't thinking about the consequences," she said. 

“If we don’t finish, we don’t finish. I am more focused on getting the job done properly than getting it done in a rush.”

Could it be this overly relaxed attitude towards the competition that sends Scotty over the edge? 

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