Sarah Wilson Just Leaked Some Major Australian Survivor Information!

This is NUTS!

Sarah Wilson Just Leaked Some Major Australian Survivor Information! Pan MacMillan / Network Ten

It seems I Quit Sugar author Sarah Wilson has thrown out all the rules about media secrecy and decided to post a very not-meant-for-the-public email regarding season three of Australian Survivor. 

Last week, it was announced that the next season would be themed Champions v Contenders

Network Ten revealed ‘Champions’ would be well-known people who are champions in their field of work “such as sport, entertainment and all walks of public life”. So, basically celebrities. 

‘Contenders’, were described as “everyday Aussies”

Now, the best-selling health food author has shared an email originally addressed to whom we assume is her manager, from the show's casting producer asking for Sarah to appear on the show.

"I get asked annually to do survival shows. Never dating shows. I guess they want to see something resembling aptitude," she wrote. 

Sarah Wilson Instagram

Here’s what we now know: 

1. Shooting will take place between April - May 2019.

2. The location hasn’t been confirmed but it’s most likely the castaways will be maroon on Fiji, or returning to Samoa. 

3. They would like Sarah Wilson to be cast as a Champion. 

4. This is the level of celebrity we can expect for future announcements. 

The whole posting of this email is very bizarre. We’ve actually blacked out the names in the picture as Sarah looks to have attempted to do that, but it’s done very poorly in the original post

I’m still shocked (but also not shocked) that Aus Survivor has turned to a celebrity gimmick so early. 

After the overwhelming success of last season, the show looked to have found its feet and was on to a good thing. We’re hoping they can keep it up! 

After 17 years on air, the US series is yet to turn to a celebrity season with Jeff Probst stating that once you turn to a celebrity season, it’s hard to return to regular Survivor, similar to what happened with The Apprentice

Here’s another question I ask: Will the Champions be playing to win money for a charity and the Contenders playing for themselves? 

Will they be paid the same flat-rate to be on the show? 

It’s also worth nothing that Australia already DID a Celebrity Survivor in 2006, hosted by Dicko… and there is a reason why we were Survivorless for the next 10 years. 

Maybe with the new half-celebs/half-everyday people format, we will see a better result!

In saying all this, it doesn’t mean having celebrities play Survivor is a bad thing. 

There have been many seasons where famous athletes and former actors have been cast. I mean, none of those people have ever won, but they’ve come close! And those were all in regular seasons where their celebrity status was not highlighted. 

Having said that, I'll be watching every episode. Because this is Survivor. And I can't get enough of it. Your favourite Survivor podcast Get Snuffed will return in 2018. Make sure you have subscribed

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