Nikki Gogan & Richie Strahan Have Both Said They Won't Appear On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

None of the big stars will appear...

Nikki Gogan & Richie Strahan Have Both Said They Won't Appear On 'Bachelor In Paradise' @nikkigogan / @richiestrahan Instagram

As we continue to speculate who will appear on the Australian version of Bachelor In Paradise, some of the biggest names in Bachelor history continue to crush our dreams by completely dismissing the new show.

Nikki Gogan is the lastest Bachie superstar to flat out say no when asked if she would appear and we're very bummed out about it...

Richie Strahan's runner-up took to Instagram to clarify rumours that she was filming a promo for the new show in Sydney and said that hanging out with other Bachelor stars is not her idea of paradise...


"I was lucky enough to be in Sydney a few weeks back to film a television commercial, not a Bach in Paradise promo.

"My idea of paradise is relaxing with my family & friends - laughing, joking and just having a lovely time together (a glass of bubbles in hand while looking out over some form of water body is preferred but not a necessity).

"I'm doing my best to live my paradise right here. Right now.

"I wish anyone that chooses to go on Bach in Paradise all the very very best, but I won't be joining them."

Clearly, Nikki chose to say no in a nicer way, whereas Richie himself, who unfortunately has been without a Bachie girl for the last few months, shot the rumours down in flames.

Yesterday, the star slipped into the comments of a photo on Instagram that NW had posted showing him and two other Bachelor contestants photoshopped onto a beach.

He said that he "100%" would not be on the show and the post has since been removed.


Another one bites the dust, hey?