New 'Bachelor In Paradise' Teaser Reveals Who Jarrod's Got His Eye On & It Ain't Keira!

Jarrod's back and has changed a bit...

 New 'Bachelor In Paradise' Teaser Reveals Who Jarrod's Got His Eye On & It Ain't Keira! Channel Ten

Over the last two days, Channel Ten has released two teasers for Bachelor In Paradise, focusing on some of the contestants.

The first teaser saw Laurina explain what she looks for in a man and also confirmed that Blake Colman, Luke McLeod and Sam Cochrane, will be joining their old buddy Jarrod Woodgate in Fiji.

Speaking of Jarrod, he is the subject of yet another Bachelor In Paradise teaser that emerged on Facebook overnight.

The teaser gives the wine manager a chance to tell audiences that he will be taking things slowly this time around and that we're going to "see a whole new Jarrod", which will be nice, to be honest.

This guy is nice, generous and caring, it's about time Australia saw that, right?!

As great as that is, though, that's not what we're here to discuss.

We're here to discuss Jarrod's first love interest on the show who Blake happily pointed out, looks very similar to Sophie Monk and is not, as we anticipated, Keira Maguire.

In the teaser we see Ali, from Tim Robards' season of The Bachelor, approaching the cast on the island and Jarrod instantly falling head over heels for her.

He tells the camera that she's "got the eyes, got the smile" and that she's "stupidly hot".

Clearly, he's got eyes for her... here's hoping Blake doesn't jeopardise Jarrod's chances of getting a date with Ali.

So where does Keira fit into all this?

Does she fit in at all?

We have so many questions...

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