Netflix Basically Just Gave Us The Plot For 13 Reasons Why Season 2

They're dropping major hints!

Netflix Basically Just Gave Us The Plot For 13 Reasons Why Season 2

Image credit: 13 Reasons Why / Netflix 

13 Reasons Why is easily the most talked about series around right now... and considering most fans have only just finished up the first season, Netflix isn't holding back when it comes to clueing us in on season two. 

Only last week was it confirmed that there'll be a season two (even though that seemed kinda obvious) AND that Hannah Baker will indeed return. However, already Netflix are dropping major hints as to what we can expect to see next time around... including a basic plot line! 


Taking to Twitter, Netflix posted the following: 


So, it looks like we'll FINALLY get to see other characters' sides of Hannah's stories... as we already know that there was a lot of back and forth leading us to believe she could be lying or at least exaggerating. 

Jessica's story will continue, which we can only guess will tie neatly into point five - Bryce being brought to justice. 

NO MORE HANNAH AS THE NARRATOR - so, we're not sure which imposter's voice we'll be hearing but we're going to take a wild guess at Clay. Or, otherwise, possibly a different narrator per episode as the others take us through their perspective? (Thinking out loud)

Plot line: "exploring 'the way we raise boys up into men and the way we treat girls and women in our culture - and what we could do better in both cases'" 

If Netflix is willing to give this much away so early, just imagine what they have in store for us!