My Kitchen Rules Chef Pete Evans Slammed By Doctors For “Putting Fans Health At Risk”


My Kitchen Rules Chef Pete Evans Slammed By Doctors For “Putting Fans Health At Risk”

Professionals have slammed My Kitchen Rules chef Pete Evans after they believe he is putting his fans' health at risk.

The chef appeared on Seven's Sunday Night and nothing was off limits.

He hit back at the media after he believed his opinions were taken extremely out of context. 

In the past, Pete has made some pretty strong opinions from feeding babies bone broth, to never wearing sunscreen… to literally EVERYTHING.



Last night, he stated that his book has never once encouraged mums to feed their babies anything other than what their doctor has recommended.

He said, "Breast milk, breast milk, breast milk, breast milk", "I don’t know how many more times I have to say it."

Pete also cleared up the rumours on the whole sunscreen drama, stating that he does wear it, as long as it’s non-toxic.

He said, "I did say if we go out in the middle of the day, for long periods of time, then I use a non-toxic sunscreen. A lot of sunscreens, as I said, are full of toxic chemicals you just would not put on your face or your children’s faces. I never said ‘don’t use sunscreen’.

"Make sure you choose one that is the least toxic."



Unfortunately for Pete, things didn’t go down with viewers quite so well…

He told Sunday Night, "The calcium dairy myth is the best piece of marketing I’ve ever heard,"

This statement quickly had the Australian Medical Associationtweeting about the segment, saying,  "advice on diet, fluoride, calcium. Celebrity chef [sic] shouldn't dabble in medicine."



And well… Pete being Pete, didn’t stop.

He then continued, "Why are doctors experts in fluoride and what are their qualifications to be up to date with the neurotoxins that fluoride is? I would send them the information if they ask. There is a mountain of information."

Tony Bartone, the Vice-President of the Australian Medical Association then had few things to say for himself, he then accused Pete of "willful arrogance" and "putting lives at risk".





Image Credit: Channel Seven