More 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestants Have Reportedly Landed in Fiji!

Huge... if true

More 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestants Have Reportedly Landed in Fiji! Channel Ten

Did you think it was a bit strange that the debut season of Bachelor In Paradise only had six contestants when the U.S show had roughly 20 at the beginning of each season?

We did too, which is why we're very excited by what New Idea has reported this morning!

According to the magazine, three of Sophie Monk's boys have been spotted arriving at the Mango Hotel in Fiji where the new show is currently being filmed.

Those boys?

Luke McLeod, the George Clooney look-a-like who we all thought was a shoe in to win over Soph...


Sam Cochrane, the guy who had a promising beginning only to run himself into the ground...


And finally, Blake Colman, the villain who we didn't think we'd be seeing on TV again so quickly after the series of allegations that appeared after he was sent home by Sophie.

Florence Alexandra, who you may remember from Matty J's season of The Bachelor, was also spotted arriving at the hotel, which means she'll be joining her good friend Tara Pavlovic in yet another search for love!


Channel Ten hasn't confirmed the rest of the line-up for the show just yet so hopefully, these claims from New Idea are true because we'd honestly love to see Tara and Florence together again!