Married At First Sight’s Nadia’s Secret Arrest

We didn't see this coming...

Married At First Sight’s Nadia’s Secret Arrest

We are all still trying to deal with the fact that Married At First Sight is over… but the drama is never ending!

Our hearts broke in the last couple of episodes of MAFS when we learnt that Nadia and Anthony were no longer together… then they broke even more when we realised that he broke up with her just hours after the cameras stopped rolling.

Their breakup was extremely public and extremely messy… but now, according to New Idea there were quite a few elements missing to their story.

An insider has revealed to the outlet that Anthony called things off because he started to notice a change in Nadia’s behaviour.

The close friend told New Idea, “To begin with, Anthony was smitten with Nadia, but as time went by he started to notice she drank a lot…. He really didn’t want to be a part of a relationship like that and felt very uneasy about the whole situation.”

Soon after the show ended, New Idea also reported that Nadia had quite a few of unpaid fines which lead her to receive a driving ban last year.

It wasn’t until Nadia went to visit Anthony in Sydney that all the news came out.

The pressure of the show seemed to get to both of them and Anthony called things off.

New Idea are reporting that Anthony spoke about her drinking, as well as stating that he didn’t see a future for them

She then returned to Brisbane, where sadly just a few days later, on December 16, she was arrested for driving without a license and drink driving.

Thankfully for the reality star, the legal issue was settled in court on January 19, and Nadia received a six-month ban from driving and a $1000 fine.

The friend added to the magazine, “The night he told her it was over she really turned on him… he was so shocked, but when he heard the news about her charges he also knew he had done the right thing by ending it.”

We really hope she is okay!

Both Nadia and Anthony are yet to comment on the claims.