Manu Feildel & Pete Evans Discuss The Severe Bullying On MKR In New Promo

One team will be asked to leave.

Manu Feildel & Pete Evans Discuss The Severe Bullying On MKR In New Promo Channel Seven

On reality TV, you're bound to see some drama, but usually, things are pretty tame and get resolved quite quickly by either the person causing trouble being sent home by other contestants or making amends.

On My Kitchen Rules however, during an upcoming dinner party, the bullying became so severe that Manu and Pete had to ask one team to leave the show.

In a new promo for the episode, Manu and Pete address the camera saying that the team's behaviour was "unacceptable" and that they "went too far".


The video shows Sonya and Hadil calling Emma and Jess a "blowfish" and saying that "the fact that they're sitting here is an insult to anyone that can cook".

Emma and Jess overheard their comments and soon, it was an all out war between the teams.

Josh steps in to tell them to stop attacking each other whilst they're in another team's home, however, Sonya and Hadil told him to stay out of it and that they would come for him too if he kept talking.

Kim and Suong, who are hosting the teams in their home this week, were then told by producers to not serve their food because the fight had become too heated.

Presumably, they didn't want the team's dishes to be spilled if the argument escalated further.

From the footage, it seems like Sonya and Hadil may be the team asked to leave the show and fans seem to agree. 

Who do you think will be leaving MKR?


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