MAFS' Dean's Answer To His 'Cheating History’ Has Us Confused

Dude, WTF?

MAFS' Dean's Answer To His 'Cheating History’ Has Us Confused Channel Nine / MAFS Instagram

The world has been rocked by many a cheating scandal, and the latest to capture the reality-loving people of Australia’s attention is Married At First Sight’s Dean Wells’ affair with Davina Rankin, while he’s supposed to be with his TV wife Tracey. 

Dean shared sexy texts and cuddles with Davina, and while Tracey is thought to have gotten over the whole debacle, the rest of the nation hasn’t.

When asked by The Daily Telegraph about the scandal, he said, "I haven't cheated on anyone, until now. This is a first for me.

"No offence to Tracey, but I had known her for about a week. I would definitely have taken her back in the same situation.”

Tracey decided to take Dean back and explained that she’d one day explain her choices on MAFS to her young daughter, saying, "When she is old enough I will have the conversation with her and I stand by everything I have done on the show.

"I stand by my decisions to take Dean back. Grace is only eight and I certainly don't want her to see me crying and getting angry on national television.”

A lot of MAFS fans have taken to social media, reacting with confusion to Tracey’s comments, believing that she deserves better and should never accept cheating in any manner. 

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