'MAFS' Alum Sean Hollands Has Introduced The World To His New Girlfriend!

He's ready to marry her!

'MAFS' Alum Sean Hollands Has Introduced The World To His New Girlfriend! Channel Nine / @seanhollandsmafs Instagram

Sean Hollands became one of the sweetest Married At First Sight grooms last season after he married Susan and was simply a gentlemen in every situation.

When Andrew 'Jonesy' Jones was teasing Cheryl Maitland at boys night, Sean told him that he crossed the line and later, told the psychologists that that's just not how a husband acts!

Sean and Susan unfortunately didn't last the distance but not long after the last MAFS ended, Sean posted a photo on Instagram showing that he had found love again!

He didn't tell the public who his new girlfriend was but last night, the farmer decided to appear on A Current Affair to introduce his new love to the world.


On the show, Sean revealed that he is now in a relationship with Roslyn Buerckner, saying that he would "marry her tomorrow".

He also said that he has realised that he didn't need reality TV to find himself a wife.

"There's no need to be on reality TV to find a wife, I think I've found one here."

The couple met whilst volunteering at Healing Hooves, an organisation that pairs special needs horses up with new families.


Roslyn explained that she did know that Sean was on MAFS and that her friends had favoured him over every other groom.

"A lot of my girlfriends adored him on the show and told me I would be absolutely insane not to go on a date with him too."

The pair have four children between them and have discussed marriage many times.

Sean did also say that he knew about Susan's pregnancy and that he hopes she's happy with her new partner and wishes her well.