MAFS All Stars Could Soon Be A TV Show That Exists Because Drama

With Jonesy, Dean...

MAFS All Stars Could Soon Be A TV Show That Exists Because Drama Channel Nine

Sorry to keep bringing you back into the Married At First Sight circle but we have some news that you may want to sit down for...

A new show called Married At First Sight: All Stars is apparently in the works because Australia just doesn't have enough drama on TV already.



According to NW magazine, producers are planning on pairing up old stars from the last four series for the new show to see if this time, they'll find a successful couple.

An 'insider' told the magazine that because audiences loved John returning to the show, they believe that viewers will love them bringing back some other stand out brides and grooms.

Apparently, a few cast members from the most recent season have already signed up for the new show and a few brides and grooms from the earlier seasons are willing to give the love experts another shot!

"Ryan (Gallagher), Jo (McPharlin), Patrick (Miller) and Dean (Wells) have already been asked to sign up for season six.

"They also have their eye on Alene (Khatcherian) and Jonesy (Andrew Jones) from season four and Christie (Jordee) from the second season."

Dean, Ryan and Jonsey on the same show?!

This will not end well...


Producers apparently want to pair Alene up with Patrick, one of the sweetest guys MAFS' most recent season, for a spectacular TV wedding.


But would they be down for that?

Who knows... 

Would you be willing to see your favourite MAFS cast members back on TV?

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