Mackane Says That He Regrets Giving Ali Otjen A Rose On Bachelor In Paradise

He's explained why...

Mackane Says That He Regrets Giving Ali Otjen A Rose On Bachelor In Paradise Network Ten

Last night we said goodbye to not one, not two, but three guys on Bachelor In Paradise because, well, this is a very unpredictable show.

At the rose ceremony, the girls sent home Blake, Canadian Daniel and good guy Mackane and this morning, the latter has admitted that he made one big mistake when he was in Fiji.


Whilst speaking to Now To Love, Mackane said that if he could do anything differently on the show, he would have chosen Leah over Ali during the first rose ceremony.

"I know this may be hard to understand but I probably wouldn't have given my rose to Ali. I probably would have given my rose to Leah. We were starting to get somewhere… There was a spark there.

"If I had my time again I would have been more in check with my emotions."


He explained that he was originally looking forward to meeting Leah when he was asked to do Bachelor In Paradise because he believed she wasn't the villain Australia knew her as.

"I was looking forward to meeting Leah. I know things can change on TV so I wanted to know if Leah was different to how she was portrayed on The Bachelor. 

"In reality, she's not that 'perceived villain', she does have a few traits that are true but she's lovely. One positive from the show is my friendship with Leah. Even though there has been stuff said, I still love and adore her."

In an interview with Popsugar, Mack explained why he decided to choose Ali at the rose ceremony instead of Leah.

"Within the first five minutes of me meeting Ali, she was just genuinely interested in what I had to say. 

"She was asking questions of me and it was like, wow, she's so friendly. She's very friendly and very genuine — qualities that I think we all want in a potential partner. She had a heart of gold and I still have a lot of respect for her even though she didn't give me a rose and fell in love with someone else.

"She's a very good looking girl, she's stunning, and I'm guessing that's what all of us would've fallen for initially. But yeah, just being genuine. She learnt more about me within five minutes than some people did in five days of be being there. That speaks volumes about her as a person and her character. She's a beautiful person."


But all in all, Mackane said that out of the two, he found Leah to be a better fit for him.

"To be honest, I probably find Leah, in my eyes, to be more attractive."

Here's hoping Mack finds his happily ever after soon!


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