Mack Says Stu Won't Win 'The Bachelorette' & Thinks This Sweetheart Will Instead!


Mack Says Stu Won't Win 'The Bachelorette' & Thinks This Sweetheart Will Instead! Channel Ten

Last night, The Bachelorette was a whirlwind of emotions for absolutely everyone because not only did the boys open up on the group date, we also lost two guys instead of just one.

Mackane, or Mack as he was more commonly known, was one of the unlucky lads to be sent home last night and it was pretty rough.

After finally getting some one-on-one time with Sophie, he acted more like a fanboy than a boyfriend and our Bachelorette quickly realised that he only liked her because of her looks and because of how famous she was.

That meant he was sent home alongside Luke and whilst speaking to OK! Magazine, he admitted that watching himself get evicted was hard, but not terrible.

"It brought back those feelings and emotions once again. 

"But do you know what? For me, it was a blessing.

"She took me out of the rose ceremony room, started crying and gave me a series of compliments and she mentioned to me how much of a gentleman I was, which I was truly touched by.

"Then she said, “I consider you a good friend!” And I was really touched by that. 

"To look her in the eyes and hear her say that about me… I’m really blessed to have her in my life.

"I think that’s what I said to her! I’m the luckiest man alive, I now have Sophie Monk as a good friend!

"I’m really close to all of the guys in the house so whoever she ends up with, I’ll be supportive of it."


Thanks, for bringing that up, Mack!

So, for months now, people have been speculating about who would eventually win over Sophie and the frontrunner right now is Stu Landry.

Luke said earlier today that he thinks Stu was actually the reason why he was eliminated and the chemistry between the publican and Sophie is undeniable.


But Mack doesn't agree with that.

He reckons another guy will whisk her off her feet!

"You can understand why Stu is the front-runner – he’s older than Sophie, you can see the spark there.

"But really, before Stu came into the mansion I’d actually seen the connection between my very good friend Jimmy and her! 

"Australia loves Jimmy, he’s an absolute sweetheart and I really see a spark between those two and I really think he can go the whole way. 

"That’s what I thought as I left that night.

"I really believe that they can make it work! I can see it happening for them!"

Could it be true?

Could James really be the one for Sophie?


Or will he become the Elise of this season and make it to the final two, only to have his heart broken?

Oh, we can't bear the suspense!