Love Island Contestants Had To Be Pulled Apart During Last Night’s Explosive Fight

Shirts were ripped.

Love Island Contestants Had To Be Pulled Apart During Last Night’s Explosive Fight Channel Go

So far, things have been pretty chill in the Love Island Australia villa. A few heartache tears here and there, maybe someone had a sassy talking to along the way, but nothing compared to what went down last night.

Let's rewind a little. 

The latest dumping was the first of its kind.

Not only did the Aussie public decide it was Elias’ time to leave, but Eden and Erin (the strongest couple in the villa) were asked to decide who should stay and who should go between Australia’s sweethearts: Jaxon with an X and your favourite, Justin.

Justin was ultimately sent home, in a scene full of tears (also in living rooms across the country).

But the drama was only just starting.

As Justin was leaving, Tayla told him she believed what Erin and Eden had decided was “unforgivable”.

Somehow, Erin found out and confronted Tayla about her comment.

She was all like: ‘Did you really say that? Are you really not going to forgive us? What would you have done?’

Then Eden got involved, voices were raised, and THIS happened:

(Graphic Language Warning) 


We were all shook. 


The fight was broken up by Dom, who jumped in between the boys, but this didn’t stop Eden’s shirt from getting ripped up, and Grant breathing heavily in Tayla’s face afterwards as he tried to calm down.

As this is Love Island and things move EXTREMELY fast, everyone got over the whole incident really quick.

Erin and Tayla had a calm chat about how the fight just arose from a lack of communication, and the boys just sort of decided to forget it ever happened, and as Eden said, “buried it under the bridge”.

Okay, how the hell is Josh single, though?

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