Liam Payne Is Not Impressed With His 'X-Factor' Audition Video

He's STILL cringing!

Liam Payne Is Not Impressed With His 'X-Factor' Audition Video

Image: BBC / iTV

Liam Payne is living it up right now.

Not only does he have a beautiful baby with Cheryl Cole (who recently went back to her maiden name of Tweedy), he's also working on his own solo music.


He recently went on The Graham Norton Show to talk about his happy life when Graham decided to show the first moment that Liam met his lady.

His first X-Factor audition.

As soon as Graham mentioned the clip, Liam cringed.

"I might be sleeping here tonight!"

He allowed the talk show host to roll the clip, just to see the cheeky wink that he threw Cheryl when he was only 14!


After the clip was shown, he explained that when he went back to school after his audition aired, he got teased a little bit by his friends.

Luckily though, he was able to get back at them.

"When I got back to school and they'd played that, obviously, as you naturally laughed a long as well, I got a real ribbing for winking at Cheryl.

"Just some of my best friends giving me a sticky back, as they do.

"Then, come to my 23rd birthday party and here we are together and my friends are just mute in the corner.

"I've never seen my friends so quiet.

"I just said 'HA!'.

"I didn't wink at them, but I should've."

It just goes to show, a wink sometimes goes a long way!