Laurina Reveals Exactly What Canadian Daniel Said To Her & It's Pretty Weird To Be Honest

It's pretty creepy...

Laurina Reveals Exactly What Canadian Daniel Said To Her & It's Pretty Weird To Be Honest Network Ten

Okay, so we all know that Canadian Daniel is long gone now, but we still don't know exactly what he said to Laurina to make her feel so offended.

Yesterday whilst speaking to Pedestrian, Daniel said that he couldn't remember exactly what he had said to Laurina, but he thought that it had something to do with her bum.

"I think it might have been something about her bum. I think she had a nice bum. I think that’s all it was.

"I’m pretty sure that’s what I said. I don’t care about it anymore, or even at the time, I didn’t really care. I didn’t realise I offended her, and if I did, I apologise, but again, I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings.

"I wasn’t doing anything maliciously. Like I said, I can’t even remember. I don’t mind saying the odd thing here or there, but I think there’s a line that I don’t think I would cross."


Although Daniel is over the whole thing, Laurina remembers exactly what he said to her and to be honest, if someone said that to us, whether we were guys or girls, we'd feel a bit weird about it too...

Whilst speaking to Fairfax Media, Laurina said that Daniel's comments were about her bum, but were more explicit than what was appropriate.

"He pulled me aside for a chat and made a really sleazy comment, whispered it under his breath, he goes ‘your ass looked incredible today when you were sunbathing, your knickers tucked up it ... I’m a PT, I know an incredible ass when I see one’."

Laurina also revealed that Keira and Nina had asked her to save Daniel at the upcoming ceremony so that they could keep him as well as their backup beaus Eden and Jarrod.

"They were telling me to give him my rose, so they could keep him in there without giving up their back-up plans and in the end I cracked it.

"Like ‘if you’re that f***ing obsessed with Daniel, you give him a f***ing rose.’ He just made the slimiest comments to me. He’s a f***ing sleazebag."


In the end, we all know Daniel got sent home and yeah, it was definitely for the best.


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