Kerry Armstrong Opens Up About Devastating Family Incident On 'I’m A Celebrity’

"His personality changed forever."

Kerry Armstrong Opens Up About Devastating Family Incident On 'I’m A Celebrity’ Channel Ten

Kerry Armstrong broke down in tears last night on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! as she opened up about a terrible attack on her son.

The Australian actress recalled the moment her son, Callum, was attacked by a group of boys when he was younger which has caused him to now suffer from brain seizures.

Callum’s twin brother, Jai, ran to him but was too late and “not strong enough” to defend him, leaving him traumatised forever by what he saw.

“Cal went to stick up for a kid and Jai [his twin brother] wasn't near him. By the time he got into the room, Cal was getting his head kicked in,” Kerry told fellow campers Danny Green and Jackie Gillies.

“Do you know one of my boys, his personality changed forever. What he saw, he saw his brother just kicked and he couldn't - he wasn't strong enough to help.

"The one that got kicked in the head, he's the one that has the seizures." 


“That would be hard to see, for a brother to see” responded Danny. “And not be able to do anything about it. It would be very tough.”

Kerry has been very open about her life on the show.

Earlier she opened up about her first marriage to Australian Crawl guitarist Brad Robinson, revealing the two were pressured to divorce in order for Kerry to obtain a Green Card and work in the US.

"What happened in Hollywood is I kept getting pulled out of play after play after play and someone pulled Brad aside and said, 'The only reason she can't work is because you are married and she needs to have a Green Card'", she explained to fellow actor Peter Rowsthorn.

“And so there was a great deal of pressure on us to not stay married. We had a pact that we would do it for a certain amount of time and get back together. As it is in life, that didn't work out.”

Kerry married actor Alexander Bernstein before divorcing him a year later in 1985 and returned to Australia after the passing of her grandmother. Sadly, her first husband, Brad, died in 1996 after a battle with cancer.

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